March 17, 2008

I’m going to be MI(GGGS)A for a little while

Up until now, I’ve not written particularly personal posts on this blog (that is to say, I’ve kept to the main topics at hand – Girl Guides/Scouts and patch trading), however I wanted to inform my readers and visitors that I may not be adding any new posts for the next few weeks.

I’m dealing with some serious health issues at the moment and am currently bed ridden, unable to sit or stand for more than a few moments with out experiencing very severe pain. Help and hope is on the horizon though, as I’m scheduled for surgery towards the end of April. Fingers firmly crossed that all will go well and I’ll soon be on the mend and able to (sit up and) write new posts.

If you’ve just discovered this site (a very warm welcome to you!) and would like to trade patches (or contact me for any other reason) please still feel free to do so. I’m checking my email whenever possible (it’s not all that difficult to read while lying in bed on your side, but it can be a tad trickier to type), and with my husband’s help, I can still send out patch trades (and update my dupes page, as needed).

Thank you everyone for your understanding. While my body is ‘out of commission’ for the next while, I’m sure my mind will remain as active as ever, ready to return and post oodles of fun and interesting new Girl Guide and Girl Scout related articles soon.

Sincerely YIGGGS,
Jessica Cangiano