Patch collecting websites

The following is a list of blogs and websites with a particular emphasis on Girl Guide and Girl Scout patch collecting.

Some (many, actually) of them have not been updated for a number of years, however that doesn't necessarily mean that they've been "abandoned" or that their owners aren't still swapping patches. In additional, they can serve as great visual references and patch collecting guides for novices and longtime collectors alike.

This page goes through periodic cleanups to remove any links that are no longer active (as in the pages themselves have been removed/shut down). The last spring cleaning occurred on May 9, 2017.

If you have a blog, website, or Facebook group (or other social media page) that would be a good match for this directory, please feel free to email me anytime.

Two happy Sparks Girl Guides Canada photo g2.jpg
(Clip art image via Girl Guides of Canada)

♣ Brownie Troop 75's Patch Page

♣ Collen's Badge Trading

♣ Debbie's Girl Scout Homepage

♣ Girl Scout Council Patch History

♣ Heather and Andrine's Girl Scout Page

♣ John Rhoggarth's Girl Guides & Girl Scouts Badges, Patches & Pins

♣ Just Jess' Girl Guide Blog

♣ Laurie's Patch Trading Page

♣ Liz' Badge Swapping Page

♣ Kim's GS/GS Patch Trading Page

♣ Kim's Patches

♣ May's Patch Trading Page

♣ Pud's Page

♣ SandraLee1313's Flickr US Council patch album

♣ Scout Guide Badges

♣ Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Page on Wikipedia 

♣ Sparkle Garden Patch & Pin Trading

♣ Stormy's WAGGGS Patch Trading Blog

♣ The Badge Fairy

♣ The International Badgers Club

♣ The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp (an excellent resource that's Boy Scout/Scouts centered)

♣ Troop 72's Patch Trading Site

♣ Vintage Girl Scout Collectibles (an article on subject from the terrific website Collector's Weekly)

♣ Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum

Facebook Groups:

♣ Girl Guide Badge Trading

♣ Girl Guide and Girl Scout Patch Swap

♣ Girl Guide Crests are Making a Difference

♣ My Campfire Blanket Rocks