July 7, 2008

WAGGGS unveils Centenary theme

Right now Girl Guide and Scout delegates from nations around the world are gathered at the 33rd World Conference, which is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa. This wonderful and vitally important event proved to be the perfect time to reveal WAGGGS’ Centenary theme: Girls worldwide say 100 years of changing lives.

There is an understated beauty to this slogan, which reverberates with truth. From Guiding’s most humble beginnings right up to its ability to continue to be a world leader in the youth organization arena, for nearly a century Guiding has flourished and impacted the lives of countless women and girls around the globe.

In conjunction with the newly announced slogan, a theme of “Plant-introduce, Grow-Expand and Share-Pass” was also outlined. As well WAGGGS issued Centenary badges will be available (presumably during 2010-2012, which is when this theme will be in effect, but there’s nothing at this point to say that the badges won’t be made available sooner).

I’m certainly looking forward to the Centenary and the badges which will accompany it, and can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for WAGGGS as it prepares to kick off its second century of life!

Vibrant and full of energy, the Centenary theme logo
incorporates the colours of all five of the World Regions.