January 11, 2018

We get by with a little help from our friends

...and some wonderful heretofore strangers, as well.

Joyful 2018 greetings, everyone! How are you doing as we kick off this exciting new year?

As is often the case here, several months have passed since my last entry on this blog. A heartfelt missive in which I shared about the immense tragedy that befell myself and my husband in October 2016 (which you can read all about here).

In the time since that post went live last April, tons of things have transpired in our lives and we've been fortunate to have made some substantial headway in terms of piecing our lives back together.

Though that process and journey is definitely still continuing, we're grateful to have achieved the progress that we have so far and feel like our world is significantly more stable these days than it was in the challenging months immediately following the terrible arson fire that shook our life to the core.

I'm happy (thrilled, actually! :)) to report that, as touched on in my last post, I've been able to start purchasing some items and rebuilding my GG/GS collection that was lost entirely in the blaze.

The process of beginning to amass a new collection has been aided greatly by the incredibly kind, heartwarming and generous help of a few awesome folks around the world who have sent me some Girl Guide and/or Girl Scout patches from their own collections.

I would never have dreamed one person, let alone multiple people, would wish to help me in this way and have been profoundly humbled and touched to my core by the beautiful compassion that our patch collecting community has extended to me in recent months.

In some instances, I was previously acquainted with the folks who have aided me in this way, in others they were complete strangers who caught wind of what occurred to us.

Whether one patch/badge/pin or multiple, I am indescribably grateful to each person who has generously sent gifts my way. They've laid the foundation for me new GG/GS collection, while also serving as a powerfully moving and uplifting counterpoint to the unfortunate experience that we went through.

I cannot begin to thank everyone (vary much including my lovely friend Annette, who runs the terrific UK based Badge Collectors Club newsletter) who has helped me/us in this way enough. You touched my heart, lifted my spirits, and reminded me all the more why our close-knit patch collecting community is the wonderful group that it is.

As we embrace the great unknown of that is the twelve months of 2018, amidst plenty of assorted happenings, big and small alike, in my/our life, I am aiming to photograph and share online my current Girl Guide and Girl Scout patch/badge/pin/etc collection, continuing to do so periodically as new additions come along.

I (massively!) wish that I'd had such documentation for my now lost collection, and while, sadly, one can't go back in time to create such a record, I can hopefully make one of my current collection to not only catalog what I presently own, but also to help others who may wish to learn more about the types of GG and GF patches (et all) that I personally have.

Photographing (with my iPhone) is already underway and while I haven't quite decided where online I'll upload the photos (maybe Flickr - though I haven't posted anything on my account there in a few years, so am not sure if it's the most logical choice, yet can't really think of a better spot at the moment, lol!), I will let you know in a future post here when I've begun sharing snaps of my current Girl Guide and Girl Scout collection.

Watch this space for that announcement and know that, with all of my might, I am sending my deepest and most sincere thanks to everyone who has been there for myself, my husband, and our darling dog Annie (who recently underwent major surgery to repair a severely torn CCL in her back left leg) in any way whatsoever since the fire.

You have my/our unending gratitude and appreciation. ❤

Here's to the prospect of a fabulous, enjoyable, happy, and healthy year - complete with lots of exciting patch collecting related happenings - ahead!!!