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Want to learn more about and/or connect with fellow Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world? This page is a great starting place. I've rounded up many wonderful blogs and websites from all corners of the globe and will continue to add more as I discover them.

If you have a GG or GS site that you'd like me to add to this page, please feel free to email me anytime and I'll do just that.

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(Clip art image via Girl Guides of Canada)

Girl Guide of Canada Related Blogs and Websites:

 A Canadian Guider

 Becky's (Dragon's) Guiding Resource Centre

 Brownie Meeting Ideas


 Girl Guide Adventures

 Girl Guides Can Blog (the official GGC blog)

 Girl Guides Patrol (site for Pathfinders, Rangers and Trex)

 Guider Sunshine

 Guiding with Jewels

 Just Jess' Girl Guide Blog

 Owl and Toadstool: A blog about Girl Guide Stuff


 The Guide Zone

 Tracy's Guiding Blog

Canadian Unit and Location Specific Blogs:

 1st Ketepec Guides

 1 Lakefield Girl Guides & Pathfinders 

 7th Sydney Guides

 21st Burnaby Girl Guides

 64th Guides

 77th Pathfinders

 124th Ottawa Guides

 140th Edmonton Pathfinders & Rangers

 212th Winnipeg Pathfinders 

 584th Guides

 Caledonia Girl Guides, Pathfinders & Rangers

 Dartmouth Shore Girl Guides

 Girl Guides of Alberta

 Girl Guides of British Columbia

 Girl Guides of Manitoba

 Girl Guides of New Brunswick

 Girl Guides of Newfoundland and Labrador

 Girl Guides of Nova Scotia

 Girl Guides of Ontario

 Girl Guides of Prince Edward Island (Facebook page)

 Girl Guides of Regina

 Girl Guides of Saskatchewan

 Guides Quebec Blog

 Kootenay Area Girl Guides

 Monashee Area Girl Guides

 Yukon Area Girl Guides

Australian Girl Guides Blogs:

 Gecko the Guide Leader

 Girl Guides Australia Blog (official site)

Girl Guides South Africa:

 Girl Guides Sough Africa (official site)

Girl Guiding New Zealand:

♣ Girl Guiding New Zealand (official site)

Girl Scouts USA Blogs:

 A Year in the Life of a Girl Scout

♣ Badge Fairy

 Because I am a Girl Scout

 Follow the Leader

 Girl Scouts Overseas (official GSUSA site)

 Girl Scouts USA Blog (official site)

 Girl Scout Leader

 Girl Scout Leader 101

 I am Girl Scouts


 Troop Leader Mom

 Vintage Girl Scout Blog

GSUSA Troop and Location Specific Blogs:

♣ Girl Scouts of Alaska

♣ Girl Scouts of Colorado

♣ Girl Scouts of Northern California

♣ Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama

♣ Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois

♣ Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas

♣ Girl Scouts of Western New York

♣ Troop 1949

♣ Troop 2447

♣ Troop 30294

Hong Kong Girl Guides:

♣ Hong Kong Girl Guides (official site)

Irish Girl Guides:

♣ Catholic Guides of Ireland (official site)

♣ Irish Girl Guides (official site)

Singapore Girl Guides Blogs:

♣ Henderson Girl Guides

United Kingdom Girl Guiding Blogs:

♣ A Guiding Life

♣ Girl Guiding Scotland (official site)

♣ Girl Guiding UK (official site)

♣ Guide Diary

♣ Leslie's Guiding History Site

♣ Owls and Toadstools

♣ Strictly Guiding

♣ The Girl Guiding Life

WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts):

♣ WAGGGS (official site)

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