June 17, 2013

Welcoming summer and Girl Guide patch swaps

Despite the fact that it's 3am, there are about 50 things I should/could be doing right now, however as the better part of half a year has passed since my last post here, it seemed like high time I reminded that - and why not do so in the wee morning hours?

While very little has been transpiring on the patch front so far this year (I've enjoyed two lovely swaps as of late - one with a Canadian, the other an Irish gal from Dublin, a city I lived for a while myself back in 2004-5), most other areas of my life have been akin to a three ring circus of activity. 

From getting a puppy (the first my husband and I have owned together) in March to having to go in for surgery again April, various serious health related issues, tax time, family events, and raising our incredibly energetic, but equally darling new puppy (an American Bullador - half American Bulldog, half Labrador Retriever that we named Annie, because she was mine and my husband's gift to each other to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the day we met),I haven't had a lot of time to blog (outside of my main blog, Chronically Vintage).

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, little is shaking on the online patch trading front these days any more, and (as per the past 3-4 years) eBay rarely offers much in the way of Canadian Girl Guide items these days (especially ones I'm interested in and don't already have).

I continue to keep my dupes and traders list up-to-date after each (occasional) trade occurs, but by and large, my collection hasn't grown much this year. As always though, I'm still actively collecting and trading, and always welcome new (or returning) patch swapping partners (just shoot me an email, if you're interested).

 photo Tania_low_jpg.jpg

With summer less than a week away and the Guiding year wrapping up once more, I hope that this little post finds you all well and gearing up for a fabulous season ahead. Whether you'll be headed off to a big Girl Guide or Scout camp, relaxing at the cabin, embarking on a road trip, enjoying a two month long staycation, or any other fun activity, summer is all about good times, good friends, good food (roasted marshmallows very much included!), and great memories, and I wholeheartedly hope all of those things (plus some new patches!) will be yours this season!

Happy summer & patch collecting, everyone!